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Welcome to our blog. We are excited to share our adventures with you! We hope you enjoy following us, as we become a family. Thank you for your love and support throughout this amazing journey.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowden and Laney

Bowden is beginning to accept the fact that the baby is not leaving. He is starting to share the couch with his baby sister. Bowden really likes when Laney is having her tummy time. He lays next to her and watches her intently. When she cries he whines and it is too funny.

Daddy & Laney

David is an awesome daddy! I love watching him interact with Laney. Last week he was asking Laney questions and she woul blink once for yes and twice for no. It was too cute. Laney is starting to coo and respond to David. She is going to be a "Daddy's Girl" I can already tell. He loves to put her in the carrier and dance around.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PawPaw, Grammy, and MeeMaw Visit

The Bell Family came to Georgia and met their new granddaughter. It was a wonderful visit. MeeMaw made a delicious dinner on Sunday and we all played games. PawPaw and Grammy snuggled with Laney. Laney loved laying on PawPaw's legs and looking all around. MeeMaw has not lost her touch, she was able to soothe Laney and put her right to sleep. It was great to have the Bells here!

Question and Answer

So for my first post since we have been home I will answer most of the questions I have been asked.

Q: Why haven't you been blogging?

A: Being a new mom and keeping up with home has kept me busy. I will try and keep up with blogging now that I am in a bit of a routine.

Q: How is Delaney doing?

A: She is "thriving". She weighs 7.6 pounds! She sleeps about 3 hours at a time and eats about 3 ounces a feeding! She gets fussy when she is hungry, needs her diaper changed, and is being dressed.

Q: What are her favorite things to do?

A: She loves to play on her floor mat and go for walks in her stroller.

Q: What size is she wearing?

A: She is still in her newborn clothes, but she is filling them out.

Q: What formula and diapers are you using?

A: Similac Advanced and Pampers.

Q: How are the dogs adjusting?

A: They just want to smell her. Bowden is a little put out that he can not have his mommy all to himself, but he is adjusting. Luna is protective and is always near Laney and mommy.

Q: What are you calling Delaney?

A: We are calling her Laney or Laney Bug.

Q: How are you and David adjusting to being parents?

A: It is AWESOME!!! David is an amazing dad (did you have any doubt?) and I love being a mom. Being Laney's mom is wonderful.

Q: Have you heard from the birth mom?

A: I have talked to her three times since we have been home. She is doing well and is back at work. Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

Q: Are you ready for visitors?

A: YES!!! I love company as long as you are healthy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Visit to the Pediatrician

Delaney went to the pediatrician on Wednesday and got a clean bill of health! She gained 3 oz. and grew an inch! We will go to her pediatrician in Atlanta on Monday.

Christmas Miracle

We were on our way home from the pediatrician when we got the call that we would be able to go home for Christmas. We got clearance to leave Oklahoma on Wednesday around 4:00. We feverishly packed the car and started driving. We wanted to stay ahead of the winter storm that was heading toward Oklahoma. We made it past Little Rock and had to stop because the rain was terrible and David could hardly see. We drove the rest of the way on Thursday, again in the rain. Today when David checked the news we found out that Oklahoma City got 14 inches of snow (an all time record) and the highways were closed down.

Merry Christmas

All our Christmas wishes came true...we have our baby girl and we were able to celebrate the holiday with our families at home! When my mom found out my mom and Elizabeth picked up our canine companions and set the table with my Christmas dishes. Then when we got home our families brought dinner and came over to celebrate Christmas Eve. It was wonderful!!! Then Christmas afternoon my family came back over and brought lunch. We decorated our tree with all of Delaney's "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments. This has been the best Christmas ever!